Our amazing  club is run by volunteers who dedicate their spare time making this club an enjoyable place to be part of.  We are there to assist in matters that affect its members, and the club as a whole as best we can, However please be aware and understand  that many of your committee have full time jobs and that we may not be able to solve all issues nor solve them immediately. We will endeavour at all times to give you the correct information or provide avenues /alternatives accordingly.
In order to provide for our members, they need our full support and yours. If you have any spare time, a skill/service you can provide no matter how small or large then please consider joining the committee or make us aware of any skills or service you are willing to provide voluntarily. Every little bit helps.
If you wish to become a Committee member, have some suggestions or any issues you wish to be addressed please contact us.
Below are your current committee members and their positions for 2019

Vice President



Canteen Manager

Equipment Manager




​Senior Coordinator

Junior Coordinator

​Social Media Coordinator

Website​ Coordinator

Ms Radmila Popovic

Mr Derek Gross

Mr Reece Robinson

Ms Lisa-Jane Manning

Mr Derek Gross

Ms Taylor Olson

Ms Radmila Popovic



Mr Neil Hamilton

Mr Heath Okley

Ms Radmila Popovic

Ms Layla Krishna


Committee Members
Radmila Popovic,  Dez Gross,  Shan Mckenzie, Reece Robinson,  Julie Ophel, Sarah Allingham, Raymond Allingham, Taylor Olson, Adam Gross, Heath Okley, Neil Hamilton, Layla Krishna